From many disciplines, a shared mission.



The Stanford Global Development Association (SGDA) is comprised of student-led subgroups, each with a focus on a particular aspect of global development. Groups support student projects and research, hold events with top leaders in the field, and forge a community of like-minded development leaders.

All groups are united by a shared passion for expanding opportunity and reducing poverty worldwide through sound research and smart action. Through SGDA, students gain the skills, knowledge, and community support needed to expand their potential to enact lasting and targeted global change.


The Global Health subgroup brings students from across Stanford programs and disciplines together to gain the knowledge, support, and experience needed to pursue a career improving health and achieving equity in health for populations worldwide. SGDA Global Health provides community and resource support for student projects and initiatives addressing global health issues, supports student-initiated global health research, helps connect students to resources and opportunities in global health, hosts roundtable events with noted experts and practitioners in the field, and facilitates a robust and growing campus community of committed global health leaders.


Reflecting the importance of strong institutions in improving standards of living, opportunity, and security worldwide, SGDA’s Governance subgroup fosters interdisciplinary community and collaboration among students with an interest in the broad political, economic, social, and legal factors that support, accelerate, and hinder development. Among other activities, SGDA Governance supports student research and other initiatives examining the role of institutions and the rule of law on crafting an equitable and just society with high development potential, and brings speakers from on and off campus with research and policy expertise in key governance areas.


SGDA’s Financial Inclusion subgroup comprises students with a shared interest in examining and enhancing the economic lives of the world’s disadvantaged, with a focus on expanding access to financial tools that expand access to entrepreneurial and educational opportunities, as well as increased security in income and health, for those who need them most. Supporting research and projects on broad economic empowerment issues, connecting students to key resources and opportunities for impact, and holding speaker events are among Financial Inclusions’s activities.


SGDA Education is an interdisciplinary team of Stanford students dedicated to reducing the massive inequities in educational access and quality worldwide. Understanding the importance of education in expanding opportunity and kindling personal and social empowerment, students in SGDA Education work to gain the tools needed to effectively work to transform education globally through fostering a community of young education leaders, supporting student projects and research, and learning from top practitioners and experts.

human rights

The development of society is founded on equal dignity and justice for all. Recognizing that no society can be considered developed unless it respects the fundamental rights of all human beings, SGDA’s Human Rights subgroup works to create an interdisciplinary student community committed to protecting the rights and dignity of the world’s most vulnerable, provide community and resource support for student initiatives, projects, and research addressing key human rights issues worldwide, liaise with organizations on and off campus, and hold events connecting young leaders with established advocates, policymakers, and other figures in the field.


Recognizing the instrumental role of technological solutions in reducing deprivation and expanding opportunity, SGDA’s multidisciplinary Technology & Development works to gain the knowledge and skills to transform health, education, sanitation, finance, and other challenges resource-limited societies face through technological innovation. Technology & Development provides a supportive environment for student projects and research, serves as a hub for opportunities in the field, connects top speakers with students, and crafts a vibrant and growing community for students passionate about technology’s potential to raise living standards in settings where innovation is most needed.


The Environment subgroup provides a close-knit community for students committed to ensuring an effective and equitable response to key environmental challenges worldwide. From working for environmental justice for communities affected by resource extraction to solving energy and resource challenges, SGDA Environment brings together young leaders who wish to see a world where environmental resources are distributed equitably within societies and across generations, equipping them with the community, opportunities, project support, and education to enact meaningful change now and in the future.